Imagine a veggie market with a so narrow path that you think only 1 person could walk along it...
Then you hear a train arriving...

Optical illusions can make some people sick just looking at them !
This is probably the case with the below picture that is totally fix, whereas it seems to be moving.
It's all in your head !

Click on the image to experiment this optical illusion in full size !

This is an impressive optical illusion : nothing is moving on this picture... it's only your brain that makes your eyes move to find a proper way to fix the image... So any movement is created by your mind only ! Impressive ! 

Click on the image to see it full size and have a maximum effect for this impressive optical illusion !

A gorilla in a Zoo wants to play and and throws poop at workers that are using loud power tools, and then it run like a bitch !

Be carefull of gorillas' behavior when visiting a zoo with your children ! You never know in advance what could be their wild reactions...